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What's new in 5.26 (2013-Sep-04 15:01): *) ssh - fixed denial of service; What's new in 5.25 (2013-Apr-25 15:59): *) web proxy - speed up startup; *) metarouter - fixed occasional lockups on mipsbe boards; *) wireless - update required when using small width channel RB2011 RB9xx caveat: update remote end/s before updating AP as both side are required to use new/same version for a link Changelog archive . routeros-mipsbe-6.38rc31.npk: 8f9e368f3567bf4e7cc6b759d10ca664routeros-smips-6.38rc31.npk: ced7340117c5da8924c49a20567c934arouteros-tile-6.38rc31.npk: b230a9dd0ee42912121343232c42aeb0routeros-powerpc-6.38rc31.npk: 5f068c6b562580a04bde5fd07e4eda02routeros-arm-6.38rc31.npk: 1e9126ef9f2f35419b41576ed77d0accrouteros-x86-6.38rc31.npk: a7e4ad048e6cb183e5e73c5e049b583frouteros-mmips-6.38rc31.npk: f08d0502d54a8706f80eaee48dcbdae1mikrotik-6.38rc31.iso: b4615ccd2047391e28a1944b0e9b650cdude-6.38rc31-arm.npk: d725fbff23d4f968108c2e2c9ea93426dude-6.38rc31-tile.npk: cb4a6c487420ea81a2c9127ad2fb531edude-6.38rc31-mmips.npk: 048e734b160b6d0757452da0358e321fdude-6.38rc31.npk: 1cfacd56b2fec93b3d2a05b80f9ffdf1dude-install-6.38rc31.exe: 5cdbc786f7305ddfbec1a732667a8fb0 . 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What's new in 6.38rc31 (2016-Nov-15 12:51): !) ipsec - added IKEv2 EAP RADIUS passthrough authentication for responder (cli only); !) ipsec - added IKEv2 experimental support with pre-shared-key and rsa-signature authentication methods (cli only); *) bgp - do not match all prefixes tagged with community 0:0 by routing filters; *) certificate - fixed crash when crl is removed while it is being fetched; *) dhcp - request dhcp options only if dhcp client is successfully added; *) dude - (changes discussed here: *) log - ignore email topic if action is email; Other changes since 6.37.1: !) ethernet - optimized packet processing on low load when irq re-balance is not necessary; !) fastpath - let one packet per second through slow path to properly update connection timeouts; !) ipsec - added IKEv1 xauth user authentication with RADIUS "/ip ipsec user settings set radius=yes" (cli only); !) ipsec - added support unique policy generation which will allow multiple peers behind the same NAT (cli only); !) queues - significantly improved hashing algorithm in dynamic simple queue setups (fixes CPU load spikes on queue removal); !) snmp - added basic get and walk functionality "/tool snmp-[getwalk]"; !) switch - added hardware stp functionality for CRS devices and small Atheros switch chips ( !) tr069-client - initial implementation (as separate package); !) winbox - now Winbox 3.7 is the minimum version that can connect to RouterOS; *) arm - improved watchdog reliability; *) arp - added local-proxy-arp feature; *) bonding - added "forced-mac-address" option (cli only); *) bonding - fixed 802.3ad load balancing over routed VLANs with fastpath enabled; *) bonding - fixed mac address selection after upgrade; *) bridge - fixed filter Ingress Priority option (broken in v6.38rc16); *) bridge - fixed rare crash on bridge port removal; *) capsman - added possibility to change arp, mtu, l2mtu values in datapath configuration; *) ccr - added AHCI driver for Samsung XP941 128GB AHCI M.2; *) certificates - allow import multiple certs with the same key; *) certificates - fixed trust chain update on local certificate revocation in programs using ssl; *) certificates - if no name provided create certificate name automatically from certificate fields; *) chr - fixed "/interface print"; *) chr - fixed reboot; *) console - fixed "/interface ethernet switch export" on some boards; *) crs - added comment ability in more switch menus; *) crs - fixed port mirroring halt after L2MTU change; *) crs - fixed rare kernel failure on switch reset (for example, reboot); *) crs226 - fixed sfp-sfpplus1 link re-negotiation (broken in 6.37rc28/v6.37.1); *) dhcp - do not allow to create dhcp-server on slave interface; *) dhcp - fixed dhcp-client crash (introduced in 6.37rc14); *) dhcp - fixed issue when dhcp-client was still possible on interfaces with "slave" flag and using slave interface MAC address; *) dhcp - show dhcp server as invalid and log an error when interface becomes a slave; *) discovery - added LLDP support; *) discovery - removed 6to4 tunnels from /ip neighbor discovery menu; *) dns - do not resolve incorrect addresses after changes made in static dns entries; *) dns - improved static dns entry add speed when regexp is being used; *) ethernet - added "k" and "M" unit support to Ethernet Bandwidth setting; *) ethernet - fixed interface speed reporting for x86 in log after reboot or if "disable-running-check=yes"; *) ethernet - fixed potential loopprotect crash; *) export - do not show interface comment in "/ip neighbor discovery" menu; *) fastpath - fixed kernel failure when fastpath traffic goes into loop; *) fastpath - fixed rare crash; *) fastpath - improved connection tracking timeout updates; *) firewall - added creation-time to address list entries; *) firewall - do not allow to increase/decrease ttl and hop-limit by 0; *) firewall - fixed "connection-state" value disappearance in rules that were created before v6.22; *) firewall - fixed compact export (introduced in 6.37rc14); *) firewall - fixed timeout option on address lists with domain name; *) firewall - improved "time" option (ranges like 22h-10h now are acceptable); *) firewall - increased max size of connection tracking table to 1048576; *) firewall - new faster "connection-limit" option implementation; *) health - show power consumption on devices which has voltage and current monitor; *) hotspot - fixed nat rule dst-port by making it visible again for Walled Garden ip return rules; *) interface - changed loopback interface mtu to 1500; *) interface - do not treat multiple zeros as single zero on name comparison; *) interface - show link stats in "/interface print stats-detail" output; *) ipsec - added ability to specify static IP address at send-dns option (CLI only); *) ipsec - added ph2 accounting for each policy "/ip ipsec policy ph2-count" (cli only); *) ipsec - allow to specify explicit split dns address; *) ipsec - changed logging topic from error to debug for ph2 transform mismatch messages; *) ipsec - changed logging topic from error to debug when empty pfkey messages are received; *) ipsec - don't generate unnecessary ah esp policies; *) ipsec - fixed generated policy lookup with ah esp proposal; *) ipsec - non passive peers will also establish SAs from policy without waiting for the first packet; *) ipsec - send xauth password without trailing null; *) ipv6 - increased default max-neighbor-entries value to 8192, same as ipv4; *) led - fixed cAP 2nD stuck in dark mode all the time; *) led - fixed dark mode for cAP2nD ( *) log - fixed "System rebooted because of kernel failure" message to show after 1st crash reboot; *) lte - added support for PANTECH UML295; *) lte - allow to execute concurrent info commands; *) lte - fixed dwm-222 support; *) lte - fixed init delay after power reset; *) lte - fixed Pantech UML296 support; *) lte - increased delay when setting sms send mode; *) lte - return info data when all the fields are populated; *) mmips - fixed traffic accounting in "/interface" menu; *) mmips - improved watchdog reliability; *) mobile - added support for more Vodafone K4201-Z and ZTE MF90 modems; *) package - show minimal supported RouterOS version under "/system resource" menu if it is specified; *) profiler - added ability to monitor cpu usage per core; *) queue - fixed rare crash on statistic gathering in "/queue tree"; *) queue - improved "time" option (ranges like 22h-10h are now usable); *) rb2011 - fixed crash on l2mtu changes; *) rb850Gx2 - fixed pcb temperature monitor if temperature was above 60C; *) resolver - ignore cache entries if specific server is used; *) routerboot - show log message if router CPU/RAM is overclocked; *) script - increment run count value when script is executed from snmp; *) sms - fixed crash after modem has failed to start; *) snmp - provide sinr in lte table; *) ssh - fixed lost "/ip ssh" settings on upgrade from version older than 5.15; *) ssl - fixed potential memory leak ( when using dude for example); *) system - reboot device on critical program crash; *) torch - fixed aggregate statistics appearance; *) traffic-flow - fixed dst-port reporting if connection is not maintained by connection tracking; *) traffic-flow - fixed flow sequence counter and length; *) trafficgen - fixed crash when IPv6 traffic is processed; *) trafficgen - fixed potential crash when very big frame is generated; *) trafficgen - improved fastpath support; *) tunnel - properly export keepalive value; *) usb - fixed kernel failure when Nexus 6P device is removed; *) userman - fixed memory leak on user limitation calculations; *) users - added TikApp policy; *) vlan - allow to add multiple vlans which name starts with same number and has same length; *) vlan - fixed CRS switch egress-vlan-tag export; *) webfig - fixed smaller than /24 ip address configuration (broken in v6.38rc3); *) winbox - added led settings menu; *) winbox - allow to run profiler from "/system resources" menu; *) winbox - do not show hotspot user profile incoming and outgoing filters and marks as set if there is no value specified; *) winbox - fixed missing switch menu for mmips devices; *) winbox - properly show VHT basic and supported rates in CAPsMAN; *) winbox - removed spare values from loop-protect menu; *) winbox - show primary and secondary ntp addresses as if none are set; *) wireless - added api command to report country-list (/interface/wireless/info/country-list); *) wireless - added CRL checking for eap-tls; *) wireless - fixed custom channel extension-channel appearance in console; *) wireless - fixed rare kernel failure when connecting to nv2 access point with legacy rate select; *) wireless - take in account channel width when returning supported channels; Changelog archive . 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Main Page Sitemap . 6.36.4 (Bugfix only)6.37.1 (Current)5.26 (Legacy)6.38rc31 (Release candidate) MIPSBECRS, NetBox, NetMetal, PowerBox, QRT, RB9xx, hAP, hAP ac, hAP ac lite, mAP, RB4xx, cAP, hEX, wAP, BaseBox, DynaDish, RB2011, SXT, OmniTik, Groove, Metal, Sextant, RB7xx Main package Extra packages SMIPShAP lite Main package - Extra packages - TILECCR Main package - Extra packages - The Dude server - PPCRB3xx, RB600, RB8xx, RB1xxx Main package Extra packages ARMRB3011 Main package - Extra packages - The Dude server - X86RB230, X86 Main package Extra packages CD Image The Dude server - MIPSLERB1xx, RB5xx, Crossroads Main package - - - Extra packages - - - MMIPSRB750Gr3 Main package - - Extra packages - - The Dude server - - GENERAL Netinstall The Dude client - Changelog MD5. PHP: MS SQL Server (PDO) - Manual PDODBLIB DSN Conectarse a bases de datos de Microsoft SQL Server y. FIFA 15 pc game is an association football simulation video game developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts. Carmen sandiego free download - Softonic carmen sandiego free download - Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math: The Great Gateway Grab for Windows 8 and much more programs.. 3GP Player Download - Free Downloads Encyclopedia Download 3GP Player 1.4 - A powerful media player dedicated to rendering 3GP formats with the possibility to also play other common formats, TV and. I want to download below package xen kernel-xen package So, where I can get them?. Cloud Hosted Router . All Genres Stems - Juno Download Review: Fresh from Chopstick's talent-packed collaborative EP comes the lead track Tonight in Stems form.


Switchesversion 1.17 for RB260GS, RB260GSP version 1.17 for RB250GS Changelog .. Sager Custom Laptops - Sager Notebook Computers Custom Gaming Laptops - Welcome to Sager Notebooks. routeros-powerpc-5.26.npk: 472b245bd2e2551b0e6453bf7d6ffd26routeros-mipsle-5.26.npk: 5877ea0ac0a6096ff548b7d8f0a77fa3routeros-mipsbe-5.26.npk: f56c695bf0b1c06c67d1e4510ddfec61routeros-x86-5.26.npk: de771c7cb86bc935becbaca95bb46337mikrotik-5.26.iso: 23d799b8cd2a161363dab673d5b90a79 . NPK file - Default RouterOS version upgrade package, most important features included ZIP file - Contains all packages, including additional ones (User manager, etc.) ISO file - CD disk image, available only for x86 instruction set Netinstall - Utility for Installation from network Click on changelog link to view changes in current and previous versions. routeros-x86-6.37.1.npk: ad8e72d11109c4f458699777da8433aarouteros-arm-6.37.1.npk: 35e2ce2f24b9219c9cbcc620e228f535routeros-mipsbe-6.37.1.npk: b00b91b97e46a486492331da05dbaf7crouteros-powerpc-6.37.1.npk: ca78ff20b5a2c8a291f31780f37ba70frouteros-tile-6.37.1.npk: cb39c632d73254217fcf7aa037a1211brouteros-smips-6.37.1.npk: 4b880501e01d25519b33b20393ab6503routeros-mmips-6.37.1.npk: e38de27214a305f60ba4567a9c54271fmikrotik-6.37.1.iso: 7ee1e118e4c1f6384a015d7d71c1d498dude-6.37.1-tile.npk: f940058e7efd7253d4684fb82de84df6dude-6.37.1-mmips.npk: c7462bbfd69296a250c62285600f994ddude-6.37.1.npk: bc4321385f987b96a2c5946099d36d4edude-6.37.1-arm.npk: 6c49535731aefa7f5be985e0d7768d52dude-install-6.37.1.exe: . Complete with Aimbots, ESP, No Clip, Telekill and more. How Long Does It Really Take To Break-In The Arctic Silver 5 Dec 8, 2014. 8261973a08ce0cfbbaa810711181a0c0chr-6.36.4.vmdk: 7a3dddd8dbc7b9ddf0c6aaa232814ec5chr-6.36.4.vhdx: ba82c9e55425d203bcb6adeef0a831dbchr-6.36.4.vdi: b33abcbf91c558d6cb7dcd22907316f2dude-6.36.4.npk: 31a3b2c7755831be0a7c5bdeee4682cddude-install-6.36.4.exe: .


Austin Cinemaker Co-op Frequently Asked Super-8 Questions. Web design, photo editing and DTP software - Serif The leading independent publisher of award-winning, great value software. Read more /images/notavailable.jpg 3 - DJ Frank lenka torrent download White, DJ Scream, Bigga Rankin - Free Mixtape Download And Stream. 6.36.4 (Bugfix only) 6.37.1 (Current) 5.26 (Legacy) 6.38rc31 (Release candidate) Imagesvmdk, vhdx, vdi, img VHDX image - VMDK image - VDI image - Raw disk image - Extra packages - The Dude server - The Dude client - Changelog - MD5 - . Click on MD5 link to view MD5 hashes of files. PDF Plugin - Moon Reader - Android Apps on Google Play PDF Plugin of Moon Reader for armeabi, mpis and x86 CPUs devices only. Games - Download Free Games - Full Version PC Games Download. Hate That I Love You Mp3 Download Hate That I Love You (Rihanna NeYo Cover) - Boyce hindi romantic song download site Avenue - Hate That I Love You (Rihanna NeYo Cover) - Boyce Avenue mp3. Read more Trust fall (side a) download World trust fall (side a) download Hunter PC - m From PSR Outdoors: World Hunter PC hunting game, new from PSR Outdoors. caea5270a62d37f49c738fbb41b6e9f7chr-6.38rc31.vmdk: 9c64d331e06efef4f2edc6941137d0e6chr-6.38rc31.vhdx: 4638a5e55e192d8653b6fadf916edd51chr-6.38rc31.vdi: bee104cdfa37949f26082a9645b81af3dude-6.38rc31.npk: 1cfacd56b2fec93b3d2a05b80f9ffdf1dude-install-6.38rc31.exe: 5cdbc786f7305ddfbec1a732667a8fb0 . 7df4432830

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